Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student in Texas 

The full text of Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student in Texas can in section 21.12 in the Texas Penal Code.

A person commits improper relationship between educator and student if they are an employee of a public or private primary or secondary school if the employee:

  • Engages in Sexual Contact, sexual intercourse, or deviate sexual intercourse with a student who is going to the school where the employee works.

In a case of Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student, the employee does not necessarily have to be a teacher. The employee does not have to hold the proper licenses to work in the school either. It only matters that the person works at the school and the student is enrolled or a participant in an educational activity sponsored by the school.

An offense under this section is a 2nd Degree Felony.  A 2nd Degree Felony has a range of punishment of 2-20 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

What to do if you are charged with Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student in Texas?

Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student cases are notorious for getting a ton of media coverage.  Whenever someone blasts your name and face on TV the first instinct is almost always to defend yourself.

Why wouldn’t you want to get yourself out there and tell your story if the other side is basically making you go viral for the wrong reasons?  You have to remember that anything you say can be used against you.  Anything you say publicly or to an officer will get back to the prosecutor.  We do not care what random people on the internet think about you or your case.  We care about the evidence we will get as part of our investigation.  Evidence that is not public.  Evidence that could make the difference on guilt or innocence, or prison or probation.  So as much as you want to respond, do not say anything, it is really for your own good.

Get a lawyer and start planning your defense.  I have seen cases like this where individuals were actually in love (and in some cases end up married down the road).  I have seen cases where the relationship was an extra-marital affair.  And I have seen cases where there was in fact no relationship, and the charges were false.

Whatever your case maybe we are here to help.  Whether this has caused disfunction in your home life, or everyone is on board trying to convince the Judge, Jury, DA that you are innocent, I will be ready.

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