Invasive Visual Recording in Texas

The full text of Invasive Visual Recording in Texas can be found in section 21.15 of the Texas Penal code.

A person commits Invasive Visual Recording if without another person’s consent, and with the intent to invade the privacy of the other person, the person:

  • Take photos or records, broadcasts, or transmits an image of an intimate area of another if the other person has a reasonable expectation that the intimate area is not subject to public view
  • Or, takes photos or records, broadcasts, or transmits an image of another in a bathroom or changing room
  • Or, Knowing the content of the photo, recording, broadcast, or transmission, promotes a photo, recording, or transmission described above.

An offense of Invasive Visual Recording is a State Jail Felony.  A State Jail Felony has a range of punishment from 6 months to 2 years in the State Jail and a fine of up to $10,000.

What do I do if I am charged with Invasive Visual Recording in Texas?

Get a lawyer as soon as you can.  Invasive Visual Recording is a type of case that you do not want on your record.  I will do everything possible to investigate the case and find a resolution that will be best for you. Whether you are guilty or innocent does not matter.  If you are innocent I will put my foot down and we will fight the case from the beginning to the end no matter what.

If you are guilty, and the evidence is against you, then the goal becomes to protect your future.  People make mistakes, and my job as your attorney is to make sure that this doesn’t ruin your life.  People deserve second chances, and my goal is to get you the best possible outcome.

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