Washington County, TX

As a criminal defense lawyer, I have represented numerous people up in Brenham, TX.  I have represented local students who make poor decisions and have their futures in limbo.  I have represented immigrants who cannot afford to have a criminal record.  I have represented people who got in trouble driving to and from Austin, TX.  I have represented people on many types of cases.

As a criminal attorney, my job is to represent my clients to the fullest and do what is best for them.  Sometimes that is fighting a case all the way to trial.  Sometimes that is getting the best plea deal possible, while trying to make sure that we can seal a criminal record in the future.

Whatever your situation may be, it is never hopeless.  Whether you are innocent or guilty, I will work to get you the best possible outcome.  Whenever you are ready to face the problem head on, I am here for you.  Call me, Houston based Brenham Criminal Attorney Eric Benavides, at 713-222-2828. The consultations are always free, and we will figure out a way to work together to get this problem passed you.

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