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If you are looking for a Houston DWI Lawyer or a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney, you need to be sure that the person you are hiring has a good track record.  Who better to ask for a recommendation than a previous client? Eric Benavides is proud to have hundreds of reviews across the internet from past clients and colleagues who can vouch for his work in the courtroom.

We encourage you to view our testimonial page to see even more reviews from happy clients.  We know that being charged with a crime can be stressful. You need someone who is going to be willing to go to bat for you and be your voice. Get in touch with a trusted experienced Houston DWI Law Firm today.

Attorney Eric Benavides – Criminal Lawyer Reviews

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Eric Benavides is a Texas Super Lawyers – Rising Star who has extensive experience in DWI and Criminal Defense.  His recent results speak for themselves.

Your Life is in the Right Hands – 5 stars!   (State of Texas v. IC)

Everyone- I understand your current dilemma may cause you to have doubt and concern for hiring the right lawyer. I’m here to tell you that a real person who received his services can easily testify that Eric Benavides is more than an expert, he’s a life saver. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for the one person who stood by my side through it all. Understanding, considerate, and empathetic are the true adjectives I would use to describe my interactions with him. Professionalism at it’s finest ladies and gentlemen. Do not hesitate to call. When you need an answer, he is the one to provide it for you. I truly hope your situation becomes resolved. God SPEED.

Won my DWI – 5 stars!  (State of Texas v. MM)

I had a DWI. My blood was way over the limit. Lukily I had Mr. Benavides on my side. He convinced the judge that the officer had no reason to pull me over, and the Judge threw out the case. I learned my lesson, and this is not going to happen again. Thank you Mr. Benavides for the 2nd chance.

Best Houston DWI Lawyer Trial Warrior AwardBad Turned Good – 5 stars! (State of Texas v. MMM)

My husband and I stumbled upon Mr. Benavides and he was a gem. I was charged with a DUI under “different” circumstances. He always new what to say to to alleviate my stress and anxieties. I always received a call back, an email or a text from him personally. I can’t say enough and genuine words about him. These combined with professionalism and knowledge, make-him the entire package,”You can’t go wrong”!!!!!
Mr. Benavides is someone you want on your side, he will go the extra mile for you and your family!!!

Excellent Lawyer – 5 stars! (State of Texas v. MG)

Not a lot of people inspire trust, Eric is real! He heard me out, and believed me when I felt like no one did. Hope I never have a need for a lawyer again, but if I do I’m calling Eric. Hired him to basically save my life and he did just that, huge weight of my shoulders.. Thank you Eric!

Highly Recommended – 5 stars! (State of Texas v. AK)

Eric Benavides went above and beyond to help me. He was very professional and by far the most informative attorney I have spoken with. I had already been with two attorneys who kept dragging my case on just trying to take more money from me and Eric was able to come in and take care of everything in the blink of an eye. Such a wonderful ease of mind! I couldn’t be more grateful, thank you!

Too many good things! – 5 stars!  (State of Texas v. CC)

Too many good things to say about Attorney Benavides. Him and his team worked diligently to fight for me making sure I had the best defense possible. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his representation. I highly recommend. His people skills and knowledge of the law gave me all the confidence that i had the right people in my corner.


Houston Criminal Defense Attorney FAQ

What do criminal lawyers do?

Criminal defense attorneys represent defendants facing criminal charges in state and federal courts. Bail bond hearings, plea agreements, trials, revocation hearings (for parole or probation), appeals, and post-conviction remedies are all included in their range of practice.

Why do you need a criminal attorney?

A criminal defense attorney's job is to represent a client who is facing criminal charges. These accusations can range from traffic violations that result in a criminal record to more serious charges of assault or even murder.