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Eric Benavides is a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney. He is a co-founder of Benavides & Serrano, PLLC. He is a graduate of the prestigious Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Trial College, and is a proven trial lawyer. He has been recognized as one of the best criminal lawyers in Houston by the Houstonia magazine, and has earned a perfect 10.0 rating on AVVO.

Houston Trespass Lawyer – Trespassing in TX and Possible Defenses

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As a Houston Trespass Lawyer who has represented numerous individuals charged with Trespassing, I can tell you that this is not always an open and shut type of case.  Many times, [...]

Houston Theft Lawyer – Harris County Retail Theft Pre-Trial Intervention (Diversion) Program

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Yesterday I received a call from a potential client that was looking for a Houston Theft Lawyer.  She was worried because she was in school to be a teacher, and she [...]

Houston Prostitution Lawyer – Possible Defenses

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As a Houston Prostitution Lawyer, I have seen all types of different situations where individuals are charged with prostitution.  Many people search for a Houston Prostitution Lawyer hoping that they will [...]

Hiring The Best Houston Criminal Lawyer for You

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When someone is charged with a crime it is natural for them to want to hire the best Houston criminal lawyer possible.  But what is most important is hiring the best [...]