Can my Texas Driver’s License be Suspended for a Drug Case?

You CAN potentially lose your driver’s license on a drug case in Texas. A lot of people think the only way you lose your license is if you are arrested for DWI. But that is not accurate. People have their driver’s license suspended all the time for drug convictions.

My name is Eric Benavides and I’m a Texas criminal defense lawyer. I want to talk to you today about whether you can lose your license on a drug case in Texas.

The answer is yes.

On a drug case in Texas, if you are convicted, you could potentially lose your license. For example, on a possession of marijuana misdemeanor, if you are convicted, you could lose your license for six months.

Now, if you are not convicted and you were given a deferred adjudication, that’s a little bit different. A deferred adjudication is not a finding of guilt and therefore because you’re never convicted. As long as you successfully complete it you’ll never lose your driver’s license.

But the answer to the question is yes. In drug cases in Texas, you can potentially lose your driver’s license even though it has nothing to do with driving.