As a Houston Prostitution Attorney, I realize that many people consider prostitution a victimless crime.  That is why there is outrage that these cases are prosecuted and that resources are wasted to set up stings.  People feel like this is a decision made by two consenting adults, and that what they do on their own time is their own business.

The other side feels just as strongly about why prostitution needs to be prosecuted.  They feel like prostitution is intertwined with the world of human trafficking.  They feel like many prostitutes are forced into the business.  And that they are truly victims.  The problem with this side feeling so passionate about the human trafficking aspect is that they have the power.  They have the power to make your life difficult if you are charged with prostitution.

As a Houston Prostitution Attorney, I am always shocked by one thing in particular.  I am shocked that so many mugshots are posted all across the State of Texas from undercover sting operations.  The media rarely posts pictures of shoplifters or people accused of assault, but prostitution mugshots are very common.  It is always interesting to read the fierce debates in the comment sections of social media, but the fact is, this is something that individuals need to deal with in the digital age.

This brings me to the point of this article.  Prostitution can have consequences unrelated to the actual criminal charge.  Imagine being arrested for prostitution.  You think “ok, I will just get a Houston Prostitution Attorney, hopefully get this dismissed, and then seal my record”.  That used to be a great way of thinking about things.  But now, once your name and picture are on the internet, it is hard to make that go away.

If you are lucky enough to get your case dismissed it is important that you get an expunction of your record and also have your attorney do an internet check.  I always check the internet for my clients and try to find any information about their charge.  I contact these pages and try to get everything removed.  Sometimes I have to send the expunction records to them, other times they cooperate, but some sites refuse to remove articles (or ask for money!).

You do not want to be applying for a job, and then miss out on a great opportunity because the company where you are applying googled you and found out you had been arrested for prostitution.  It would stink to lose out on an opportunity, but it is also embarrassing!  If you are in this situation call me.   It might be smart to have a Houston Prostitution Attorney look at the possibilities of helping you remove unwanted internet baggage!