Should you do Field Sobriety Tests if asked by an Officer?

Should you do the Standard Field Sobriety Tests if asked by an Officer? The answer is No. I believe these tests are set up to make you fail, whether you are sober or intoxicated.

My name is Eric Benavides and I am a Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Today one of my clients called and asked me about the Standard Field Sobriety Tests. He said, “If I happen to be arrested again in the future for DWI, should I take them”?

And I always tell them, NO, I wouldn’t take them even if I was stone cold sober. Because those tests are designed to make you fail.

First of all, even their own training manual tell you they are not 100%.

Second of all, they are asking you to do very abnormal things to test your normal faculties.

Is that fair? Do you normally walk in a straight line touching heel to toe? Do you normally balance on one leg without using our hands for support? No we don’t. So if it was me I would never take them, because in my opinion, that is just absolute junk science, and it is designed to make you fail.