Expunctions in Texas – Houston Record Sealing Lawyer

A bit of information on Expunctions in Texas

Hey everybody! Houston Criminal Defense attorney Eric Benavides here. I wanted to speak to you about expunctions.

An expunction is a type of record sealing that results in a complete destruction of the record or the case that you are charged with. Now in order to qualify for an expunction, you have to:

  • had your case completely dismissed without any sort of punishment or through a pre-trial diversion
  • you have to have gone to trial on your case and found not guilty
  • get no billed by the grand jury where they refused to indict you or get pardoned by the governor

Now typically, you have to wait for the statute of limitations runs until you are eligible to apply for the expunction but some counties will allow immediate expunctions or expunctions sooner than the statute of limitations just depending on what type of case it was and what the situation was surrounding it.

So again, my name is Eric Benavides, I’m a Houston Criminal Defense attorney. If you have any specific questions about expunctions feel free to reach out to me and we’ll talk about it.