Non-Disclosures in Texas – Houston Record Sealing Lawyer

Non-Disclosures are a good way to seal your record if you successfully completed a Deferred Adjudication probation. Some convictions can also now be sealed after a recent law change. 

Hey everybody! Houston criminal defense attorney Eric Benavides here. I wanted to talk to you today about petitions for non-disclosures.

Now a non-disclosure is a type of record sealing that will seal your record for the general public but will not seal it for the government or law enforcement agencies or governmental agencies.  Not all cases are eligible for a non-disclosure. In order to be eligible for a non-disclosure you had to have gotten a deferred adjudication probation and successfully completed it.

Now, not all charges are eligible for a non-disclosure. For a full listing of cases that are not eligible for non-disclosure please see my website and you can get all the information there.  As far as the timing goes, some misdemeanors are eligible immediately after you finish deferred adjudication. Others are eligible after two years. Again, you can see my website for that information.

On felonies, if your case qualifies, you have to wait five years from the day you’ve finished probation in order to be eligible.

So again, my name is Eric Benavides. I’m a Houston criminal defense attorney and if you have more questions about non-disclosures just feel free to reach out to me and we’ll talk about it.