What do I do if I am Being Investigated by the Police in Texas?

What do you do if you are being investigated by the police in Texas? Hire a Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer right away.

My name is Eric Benavides and I’m a Texas criminal defense lawyer.

I got a call yesterday by a person that was being investigated for a crime. They hadn’t been charged with anything yet, there was no warrant, it was simply an
investigation. They asked me “what am I supposed to do?”.

Well what they did was the absolute correct thing. You should call a lawyer right away and not talk to the police.

If the officers are investigating you for something they are:

  • trying to get you to confess or
  • they are trying to get you to put your foot in your mouth

You never know if they could change your words around. So you are never going to talk your way out of a charge.

The best thing to do is politely say, “you know I understand you’re investigating this but I don’t feel comfortable at this point, and I’d like to
speak to a lawyer.”

At that point your lawyer can take over the investigation and try to prevent charges. And if they do press charges, well at least you know you didn’t give the state any additional information that can be used against you.