DWI Arrest

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DWI Arrest In Houston TX Houston DWI Arrests A DWI arrest is a nightmare even for responsible drivers on the road. For most people, a DWI arrest is their first run-in [...]

Miranda Rights Texas

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Texas Miranda Warning Miranda Rule In TX You often see fictional cops on television read the Miranda warning every time they arrest someone. The Miranda warning informs the person being arrested [...]

Open Container Law Texas

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Driving With Closed Alcohol In Car If You Are Found With An Open Container Of Alcohol You can be charged with an alcohol-related offense for having an open container containing an [...]

When a DWI Investigation Changes from Alcohol to Drugs

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Once in a while a scenario pops up when a DWI investigation changes from Alcohol to Drugs. In other words, the cops might think a person was intoxicated by alcohol, and [...]

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