How Shoplifting Can Become Robbery in Texas

Shoplifting under $2500 is a misdemeanor. However, every year many people get arrested for very serious Felony Robbery charges, because they injured someone during the commission of the theft. This is a very silly way to make a bad situation WAY worse.

My name is Eric Benavides and I am a Texas criminal defense lawyer. I want to talk to you about how shoplifting can become robbery.

Sometimes, I have individuals call me and say «You know I was only stealing a DVD» or «I was only stealing a few items from Walmart or from Target or somewhere and they charge me with a serious felony for robbery… I don’t understand why?»

It almost always has to do with the fact that they either fought back with the loss prevention officer, pushed somebody or injured somebody during the commission of the theft. It will automatically change it to a robbery.

So, it could be as simple as you take a candy bar and while you take the candy bar, you push the person that’s trying to stop you now that person claims that
that push hurt them or they felt some sort of pain. That could automatically turn us very small misdemeanor where you might only get a fine into a robbery where you couldn’t have years in prison.

So keep that in mind, be very careful most of all don’t break the law